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Hi, I'm Conrad Close.

I’m passionate about connecting with people through quality content, brand storytelling, and engaging digital strategies. I’ve served Christian nonprofits for 6+ years through marketing, communications, and public relations.

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The Elevator Advice Podcast

Imagine getting in an elevator with someone who has worked in your industry for decades. What would you ask them? What could you learn from their years of experience in just a few short minutes?

Elevator Advice brings you on a short elevator ride with industry experts and well-known leaders from a wide range of industries who have valuable experience and advice to share. You’ll get off the elevator with valuable life lessons and practical tools for your career!

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About Me

Since 2016, I’ve worked to equip Christian communicators to share the gospel clearly and effectively on all platforms. I graduated from Kennesaw State University with a B.A. in Public Relations.

When I’m not working, I usually spend my time watching baseball or hanging out at home with my fiancée, Stephanie, and our golden retriever, Wrigley. While you’re here, I’d love to connect with you. Shoot me a message — I’d love to talk more!