Elevator Advice: 5 Questions With Dallas Jenkins on Christmas with The Chosen

Welcome to a special episode of Elevator Advice! This week, Dallas Jenkins gets on the elevator to talk about the exciting new Christmas special that has broken theater records across the country this Christmas season: Christmas with The Chosen: The Messengers.

Dallas talked about:

  • Why he decided to do a Christmas special
  • The challenges involved in adapting The Chosen for the big screen
  • How he keeps The Chosen audience engaged over time
  • Why he chose to work with a wide range of artists and groups for this special project
  • Whether he decorates for Christmas before or after Thanksgiving
  • And much more!

Join Dallas Jenkins on the elevator for this great conversation:

Show Notes

About Dallas Jenkins:
Dallas Jenkins is the creator, director, and co-writer of The Chosen, the first multi-season series about the life of Christ and the largest crowd-funded media project of all time. In his 20 years in the business, Dallas Jenkins has directed and produced over a dozen feature and short films for companies such as Universal, Lionsgate, Pureflix, Hallmark Channel, and Amazon.

Facebook: @DallasJenkinsOfficial