Elevator Advice: 5 Questions With Elizabeth Bristow on Serving Christian Organizations Through Public Relations

Welcome back to Elevator Advice! This week, Elizabeth Bristow joins me on the elevator to talk about serving Christian organizations through public relations, building trust and relationships, and why public relations is like customer service.

Elizabeth talked about:

  • Practical lessons she’s learned throughout her career in nonprofit PR
  • How to build relationships with media and clients
  • Practical tools for succeeding in PR
  • How to deal with hostile reporters
  • Important things to remember when handling a PR crisis
  • How to navigate difficult situations and build trust with management

Join Elizabeth Bristow on the elevator for this great conversation:

Show Notes

About Elizabeth Bristow: 
Elizabeth Bristow serves as the Press Secretary for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention where she oversees press and media operations for the organization. Elizabeth received a B.A. in Public Relations and Marketing from Union University in 2010. She and her husband reside in Texas and are blessed with two beautiful children.

Twitter: @LizBristow