Fundraising Email — ERLC (Psalm 139 #2)

Subject Line: “Planned Parenthood is our next door neighbor”


Last October, our team had the privilege of meeting some pro-life heroes in Tallahassee.

The staff and volunteers at Mosaic Sexual Health Clinic are — quite literally — on the front lines of the fight for life. Mosaic is located next-door to a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

Here’s what Jamie Brown, Mosaic’s executive director, told us about their work:

“Women often come to us terrified and confused. Thanks to our new ultrasound machine, we can show them their children for the first time. The moment they see their child, everything shifts in their hearts. Now they have a child, not just a problem. Planned Parenthood charges $100 for women to see their ultrasound. We let them see for free.”

These pro-life centers are able to keep vulnerable women from turning to Planned Parenthood because of generous pro-life advocates like you.

You made it possible for us to place that ultrasound machine at Mosaic, and you can help us place 25 more machines at clinics just like Mosaic around the country.

When you partner with our Psalm 139 Project, 100% of your gift goes directly to placing ultrasound machines. All of our administrative costs are covered by the ongoing generosity of Southern Baptists through the Cooperative Program. That’s what makes us unique — and that’s why partnering with us will make a real, tangible difference.

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